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From the graph above you can see a comparison between different cold sprays on the market. Frostbite 248 uses a gas system which has been specifically formulated to produced the lowest possible temperature without the need for exotic and expensive ingredients. When you compare Frostbites ability to achieve a temperature of -55C against the other competitors on the market you can see the superiority of Frostbite 248. Carbon dioxide cold sticks, or dry ice, approach -60C but cost over a thousand dollars to setup and then there are the additional maintenance costs. Frostbite 248, on the other hand, is inexpensvie, has no maintenance costs, and is far easier to use. Carbon dioxide sticks also tend to cause a cold burn on the patient’s cheeks. With Frostbite 248 this is far less likely due to the way it is used.

If you would like to do a simple comparison between the available cold sprays on the market then simply spray the back of your hand which each coldspray for a short time. You will quickly realise that Frostbite is by far colder.