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Q1. How do you mix and apply Odontocem?

Every dentist is familiar with mixing plaster. The best way to describe the mixing of Odontocem, is to think of it as doing the same – mixing plaster. Do not try to mix and apply Odontocem as you would Ledermix Cement. The two are very different in the way they behave during mixing. Odontocem cannot be mixed to a runny consistency and applied in thin sections. It will never set. Odontocem must be mixed into a dough and applied as a portion of the dough.



Q2. What makes Odontocem different to MTA?

Odontocem was designed as a calmative liner for deep cavities, a pulp capping agent and for use in deciduous pulpotomies. It contains calcium silicate which is a component of MTA along with various calcium cements based on “bone cement” formulations. The additional calcium salts utilised ensure that calcium is readily available. This means that there is an abundance of calcium present at the site where it is needed the most – at the pulp exposure.



Q3. Why does Odontocem contain a steroid?

The steroid in Odontocem is used to reduce pain following pulp capping procedures. It achieves this by reducing inflammation. The steroid present is in low amounts for two reasons. The first is that a low concentration of steroid means that the effect of the steroid is short-lived. This reduces the chance of a possible masking of a negative result due to prolonged steroid activity. Secondly, steroids inhibit healing hence a reduced amount of steroid has a reduced effect regarding the delay of healing. This is important in pulp capping where a dentinal bridge needs to be formed.



Q4. How long does it take for Odontocem to set?

Initial set is within 3-5 mins with a full set within 24 hrs.