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Q1. Does Odontopaste clinically stain teeth?

No, you do not have to bleach afterwards.



Q2. Can Odontopaste be used 50:50 with calcium hydroxide?

No. Odontopaste already has 0.5% calcium hydroxide. Any further addition of calcium hydroxide will degrade the steroid and antibiotic components of the paste. For a better antibacterial paste, try Odontocide. Odontocide has 20% calcium hydroxide and ibuprofen at 7% premixed.



Q3. Can Ledermix Paste be used 50:50 with calcium hydroxide.

Please refer to published research on this topic. The article is free to download.

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Q4. Why has the tube changed?

Odontopaste is now supplied in a plastic laminate tube. This allows for heat sealing of the tube and improves the tamper evidence measures. There is still 8 grams of paste in the tube even though the tube is smaller in size.



Q5. What is the difference between Odontocide and Odontopaste?

Both Odontocide and Odontopaste have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Odontopaste achieves this through an antibiotic/steroid and Odontocide through calcium hydroxide/NSAID. Odontocide has superior antibacterial properties compared to Odontopaste. Odontopaste has superior anti-inflammatory properties.



Q6. Why does Odontopaste have an extra nozzle and how do I use it?

The Odontopaste nozzle provides a finer application for easier lentulo spiral pickup.  It is not essential to use the Odontopaste nozzle for application. We recommend using only figure pressure when squeezing paste through the nozzle.  Excessive pressure to the neck of the tube may damage the tube/nozzle.