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Q1. When do I use Odontopaste and when do I use Odontocide?

Odontopaste is the preferred dressing for patients who present in pain. The steroid within Odontopaste is far more effective than the ibuprofen in Odontocide in controlling inflammation and pain. Odontopaste is also ideal in cases where teeth have been avulsed. The steroid reduces inflammation and Odontopaste is less cytotoxic than Odontocide thereby providing a better environment for the recovery of the compromised periodontal ligament. Odontocide is the preferred endodontic dressing for most routine endodontic cases. The calcium hydroxide provides a better antibacterial effect than clindamycin hydrochloride in Odontopaste and the ibuprofen assists in pain relief caused by the alkalinity of the calcium hydroxide in Odontocide.



In summary:

Patient presents in pain:   Odontopaste

Avulsed tooth:                   Odontopaste

Routine cases:                   Odontocide