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Cold Spray and Bleaches

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  • Frostbite

    Frostbite now is even colder and can attain temperatures approaching -55C. Frostbite comes in a larger can and is more highly pressurised to ensure a colder temperature when used. There are no chloroflurocarbons used and the can and its components are fully recyclable. With Frostbite 248 there is no reason to bother with carbon dioxide… Read more »

  • Odontobleach

    Odontobleach is a sodium perborate-based endodontic bleach. Suitable for internal bleaching of stained teeth. Odontobleach is mixed with water in a dappens dish and blotted dry with a cotton roll. Odontobleach can then be picked up with an amalgam carrier and placed within a root canal and sealed. Repeated treatments may be required to remove… Read more »