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Endodontic Foams

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  • Endofoam C

    Endofoam C is suitable for the Odontostand as illustrated. It neatly fits within the cap and provides a clean area for the storage of files during root canal treatment. Endofoam C can be autoclaved to temperatures of 137 degrees Celsius. Endofoam C comes in packs of 50.

  • Endofoam PVP

    ADM’s ENDOFOAM-PVP is the very latest in file cleaning foam technology and involves a patented foam construction which cleans files like no other foam on the market. It is triple-layered consisting of a thin low density foam layer, an extended 4mm thick scourer layer and a 25mm thick high density foam. There’s nothing else like… Read more »

  • Endofoam PVPmini

    Endofoam PVP minis are designed to be utilised in the Odontoring. They have an embedded scourer layer within the foam allowing for thorough cleaning of endodontic files. Endofoam PVP minis are autoclavable up to 137 degrees Celsius and available in packs of 100.

  • Endofoam S,SA

    Endofoam S and Endofoam SA are cubic type foam pieces suitable for the storing and cleaning of files during endodontic procedures. Endofoam SA is self adhesive and can be attached to a bracket table for convenience. Both foams can be autoclaved if necessary (134 to 137 degrees Celsius). Endofoam S and Endofoam SA are available… Read more »

  • Endofoam T1,T2

    Endofoam T1 and T2 are suitable for dentists who use ADM’s OdontoRing or any other endondontic ring on the market. They are available in packs of 56 and come in two colours, grey and green, which allows for the distinguishing of new and used files. Endofoam T1 and T2 are autoclavable up to 137 degrees… Read more »