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Stands and Rings

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  • Odontoring

    With ADM’s Odontoring you have the option of both an endodontic ring worn on your finger, or as a stand on your bracket table. Odontoring has an integrated well for a lubricant such as Odontoprep and a built in ruler for the accurate measuring of endodontic files. Odontoring is made from a high quality plastic… Read more »

  • Odontostand

    Odontostand is an autoclavable endodontic organiser which can be used with both Endofoam-C and Endofoam-PVP. It has an internal well which can be filled with a cleaning solution of your choice such as chlorhexidine. Odontostand has a unique locking cap which doubles as a finger rest and guard when motioning files in and out of… Read more »