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General Consumables

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  • LubriK8

    LubriK8 is a silcone lubricant for articulating instruments which are stiff, seized or rusted. For example extraction forceps, cutters and orthodontic pliers. It can also be used to silence squeaks on all types of equipment by applying a silicone film to the offending component. It protects important instruments from repeated autoclaving and is made from… Read more »

  • Periofoam

    Periofoam is a self adhesive cleaning sponge designed for the cleaning of dental hand instruments, such as scalers and base applicators.  Periofoams can be affixed to the dental bracket table for convenient use.  The high-quality foam is specifically sculpted to facilitate the cleaning process.  Periofoam comes in packs of 50.

  • Quantum Mylar Strips

    Quantum Mylar Separating Strips in roll form provide the balance of quality and economy. Available in ultrathin (50 um/0.002 inch) Mylar in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm widths, 10 metres in length along with a stainless steel cutter integrated within the dispensing box. They suit all requirements and ensure tight contacts on composites.

  • Wallaby Wedges

    Wallaby Wedges are made from the very latest in biodegradable plastics. The injection molded design allows for numerous features never before available on a dental wedge. For a detailed look at the design and advantages of Wallaby Wedges, click on the small photos to the left. Wallaby Wedges are available in packs of 500 with… Read more »