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Handpiece Consumables

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  • Multitech Adaptors

    ADM’s MULTITECH adaptors are compatible with most of the popular handpieces including W&H Highspeed, NSK Highspeed, all E-type slow speeds and our patented dual high and slow speed adaptor suitable for Kavo handpieces – one adaptor fits both the highspeed and slow speed handpieces. All MULTITECH adaptors will fit existing aerosol based lubricating oil cans.

  • Technic Clean

    TechnicClean is ADM’s hanpiece cleaner that can be used in conjunction with the Technic Oil in automated handpiece cleaners to ensure that saliva and blood are thoroughly removed. Technic Clean contains a combination of alcohols and highly specific detergents to maximise the reduction of the bacterial load with in the handpiece. Available in a one… Read more »

  • TechnicOil

    ADM’s TechnicOil is a universal handpiece lubricant. The oil is low in esters and therefore minimises any damage or plasticization to rubber components. TechnicOil is available in a 500ml jerry can for use in automated oiling machines and in a 500ml aerosol can for use with Multitech Adaptors.   MSDS:  TechnicOil Jerry and TechnicOil Aerosol