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Laboratory Products

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  • DVision

    DVision is a denture separating solution. DVision ensures that acrylic does not penetrate into plaster models allowing for a cleaner result when deflasking dentures. DVision is available in 1L and 5L containers.   MSDS:  DVision

  • GlossE

    GLOSSE is a model gloss designed to bring a hard polished surface to plaster and stone models. If you have models you wish to present at a conference or to place on show then GLOSSE will add that extra shine to them. GLOSSE comes in 5 litres for economical use.

  • HandyCan

    Handycan is a convenient way of recharging small portable gas burners commonly used in dental surgeries. Handycan comes with its own set of adaptors allowing it to be used on most popular flame torches. Handycan gas has been deliberately odourised to ensure detection in the event of a leak. Available in 215ml can.   MSDS:… Read more »