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Tray Adhesives

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  • Attach2

    Attach 2 is an alginate tray adhesive suitable for most types of alginates. Attach2 contains no toxic aromatic compounds as solvents. Attach2 was designed to dry almost immediately when sprayed on impression trays. This means that cohesive failure of the Attach2 adhesive resin is minimised and the alginate can be placed in the tray almost… Read more »

  • Black Magic

    Black Magic is a polyether tray adhesive suitable for all types of polyether impression materials. Black Magic has minimal toxic solvents and can be used with Impregum or Permadyne Impression materials. Black Magic comes with a brush integrated within the cap. This brush can be easily removed and disposable Brustix brushes utilised. Black Magic comes… Read more »

  • Brushstix

    Brushstix are disposable brushes to be used with all tray adhesives. With ADM tray adhesives, the brushes can be removed from the caps by simply twisting them off. Brushstixs can then be utilised on a single use basis. Brushstixs come in a packet of twenty.

  • DZolve

    DZolve can be used to thin down tray adhesives that have thickened. DZolve was specifically designed for ADM tray adhesives. So, if you leave the cap off accidentally or if your adhesive thickens for what ever reason DZolve will bring it back to life. Just add an amount to the bottle of tray adhesive and… Read more »

  • Vector VP

    VectorVP is a silicone tray adhesive suitable for all types of silicone impression materials. Vector VP has an extremely safe solvent-base with minimal aromatic solvents like toluene or xylene. Vector VP comes with a brush integrated within the cap. The brush can be easily removed and ADM’s disposable Brushstix can instead be utilised. Vector VP… Read more »