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Tray Cleaners

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  • Detach

    Need a solvent to remove tray adhesives from impression trays? Now with ADM’s “DETACH” you need not look any further. DETACH will remove polyether, polysulphide, polyvinyl siloxane and alginate tray adhesives. In fact there is no tray adhesive on the market that “DETACH” will not remove. DETACH comes in a handy 100ml bottle and a… Read more »

  • DryNoAL

    DryNoAL is an effective powdered formulation for the cleaning of alginates from impression trays. It contains a combination of chalting agents which, when dissolved in water, remove the hard-to-get-at alginate found in used impression trays. DryNoAL is designed to be used with the NoALVAT where trays can be soaked overnight and rinsed in the morning…. Read more »

  • NoAL

    NoAL is a concentrated adental tray cleaner. It is suitable for all types of trays and will remove most stubborn deposits quickly. NoAL contains chelating agents that are medically safe. That means that it’s safer for the dentist and the dental team.  NoAL is diluted to a 1:10 ratio so one litre will go a… Read more »

  • NoAL VAT

    ADM’s VAT has been designed for use with NoAL Dental Tray Cleaner. It has a large capacity volume and holds a large number of trays in a convenient sieve like basket. The clear plastic allows you to view the state of the trays without having to open the lid. The sieve like basket sits within… Read more »