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Odontocide is ADM’s first-generation patented endodontic dressing which incorporates a non-specific COX inhibitor. Odontocide contains 20% calcium hydroxide and 7% ibuprofen. Calcium hydroxide pastes have the advantage of being effective against bacteria in biofilm, however, they have an increased incidence of post-operative sensitivity. Odontocide achieves a pH of over 12, responsible for the antibacterial effect, and Odontocide is combined with a non-steroidal analgesic to assist in reducing the incidence of post operative sensitivity.
Odontocide comes in an 8 gram tube and is easy to pickup with a lentulo spiral and spin into the root canal.
ADM was granted a conformity assessment certificate and a design examination certificate for Odontocide by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which is the governing body for medicines and medical devices in Australia.
Odontotocide is now available for use in Australia.


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