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Odontotips are an Australian developed paste and cement application system. Odontotips are suitable for the application of Odontopaste, Odontocide, Odontoprep and Odontocem along with MTA-type products. Odontotips have a long flexible plastic tip which can be bent into any position to allow for application into difficult areas. The small capsules minimise wastage and are a perfect match for the custom nozzles in Odontopaste, Odontocide and Odontoprep allowing for the dispensing of the paste directly to the bottom of the capsule. For the application of cements it is best to mix the cement on a mixing pad or slab and then stroke the capsule of the mix cement until it is drawn into the capsule. The silicone plunger is then inserted and a standard composite gun can be used to apply the pastes/cements. The capsule is designed so that any blockage in the tips will safely vent in the rear of the capsule to ensure there are no possible “spurting” of material onto the patient or staff.
Odontotips come in boxes of thirty and like all ADM products are competitively priced.

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