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Australian Dental Manufacturing

The establishment of ADM was driven by the founding director, Matthew Athanassiadis, who started the company as a hobby in a carport located in the small central Queensland town of Moranbah. His passion for dental materials and aspiration to create a thriving commercial enterprise led to the founding of ADM.

Through tireless persistence and hard work, ADM gradually evolved into a prosperous dental manufacturing company.

From the beginning, the philosophy has always been the same, to make dental materials in Australia and to replace some of the more expensive items.

Why choose us

From a carport located in a small town in central Queensland to a successful small dental manufacturing company.

Growing from manufacturing a few items to over thirty products

ADM now operates under its own ISO 13485:2016 quality system, which is audited by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Overall, expanding manufacturing capabilities to produce a greater variety of products is something we consider to be a significant milestone in our business's growth journey.

Manufacturing in Australia

Being made in Australia is important because products that are made in Australia are typically held to higher quality and safety standards, which ensure that consumers receive safe and reliable products.

What is ADM about

ADM's philosophy is straightforward: we pride ourselves on being transparent and trustworthy in our business practices, manufacturing dental materials exclusively in Australia. If a product bears the ADM label, it can be guaranteed that it was made domestically.

Quiet achievers

Australian Dental Manufacturing avoids excessive advertising and prefers to quietly succeed in the dental industry. The company does not endorse aggressive marketing tactics and does not believe in forcing customers to make purchases. If a customer is uninterested in a product, they are free to not make a purchase.

Quality products reasonably priced

We hold the belief that creating exceptional products becomes futile if they are unaffordable for consumers. As a result, we prioritize maintaining reasonable pricing for our products.

Supportive and focused

Our company provides support to both small and large suppliers alike, and our emphasis is placed on delivering high-quality products that meet our standards.

A message from our Managing Director

“The journey of ADM, from a humble hobby in a carport to a successful dental manufacturing company, is a testament to the persistence and hard work of Matthew Athanassiadis, our ADM founder. The philosophy that guided ADM from the beginning, to make dental materials in Australia and offer affordable alternatives to expensive items, will continue to be at the core of its mission. 

With this steadfast commitment, ADM will continue to push forward and strive for excellence in the dental industry, delivering quality products to its customers.”

Dr. Alexandra Athanassiadis
Managing Director
Australian Dental Manufacturing

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